Welcome to my new web site. We just moved over here, so a lot of our stuff is still in boxes. But while we're unpacking, you will find contact information and links to music. HERE'S THE BIG NEWS -  I've just finished the new CD (#3). It'll be released very soon. Officially in January 2017, but available in a week or two on CDBaby.com and iTunes. Before that email me at Merlinsing@mac.com and we'll work out a deal. This is what it looks like.

Bound for FAR West 2016 

With the new CD in hand, Debbie and I are headed to the Folk Alliance Region West (FAR West) 2016 Conference. Happy to see old friends and make new ones.


This is a place where people ensnared by folk music--artists, DJs, venue operators, house concert presenters and such--meet to promote the buisness of Folk. Storytellers and dance people are there too.

I'm very excited to share the new songs on ONE LIGHT MANY WINDOWS. "Abraham's Light" is one such article. I made a post card for the song, featuring a manipulated portrait of Abraham Lincoln. I'll post it soon.

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